Updates for Version 2 Launch

Cross-chain SIG, burning SIG, gas cashback activated, SIG buyback, MasterChef parameters tweak

​xSigma finished v2 update. We plan to release it to BSC first, and then in a few weeks, upgrade Ethereum pools.

What are the improvements in v2?

Gas cashback

xSigma v1 featured the cashback program, but we decided to turn it off, as it wasn't flexible enough. Cashback v2 is a full-fledged upgrade from v1 – we store Cashback logic in a separate contract, allowing much more flexible system of distributing funds.

Fee Exchange for SIG on Dutch Auction

Each swap, small amount of stablecoins is held as a fee. Later, these fees are accumulated into Auction contract, where everyone can buy them for SIG, after that SIGs are burnt.

MasterChef parameters tweak

In v1, we had an issue where MasterChef mint was out of sync with itself. We needed to put a safeguard in place which corrected the error, but it messed up the calculations.In v2, the fix is made, and the calculations are correct now.Also, the rewards parameters are adapted. Still, 60% of the total mint go to LPs,

MasterChef timelocked rewards

v2 will not unlock the SIG rewards all at once. To stimulate long-term investment, the rewards will be released gradually.

Cross-chain sync

To support cross-chain SIG token, we needed to sync mint speed on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum

Pools in Binance Smart Chain

Initially, only stablecoin pool would be rewarded in Binance Smart Chain. We plan to fuel 20% of SIG mint allocated for LPs into BSC, all of that mint will be forwarded as LP reward.

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