How to use xSigma

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To use the website, you need to connect using a web3-enabled Ethereum wallet. This guide can help you choose a wallet:​‌

After setting up a wallet, you will connect it to the website. When you open xSigma DEX, you will be presented with a modal window asking you to select and connect a wallet you have set up. Refer to your wallet instructions for a more detailed guide.

Basically, you need to select your wallet icon and confirm the connection in the wallet app. For example, if you use Metamask, you will see a popup asking to connect your wallet to the website.

Your wallet is identified using a unique address. You may think of it as a bank account number. When you connect your wallet to the xSigma DEX website successfully, your address is presented in the top right corner.

To use an exchange, you will also need to obtain ETH to pay for transaction fees. You can do this at your favorite crypto exchange. Use the "withdraw" function to send ETH to your wallet address.

Be careful! Double-check all the values. Blockchain transactions are irreversible and no-one can bring your money back if you've copy-pasted the wrong address or withdrawn the wrong coin.

After you have connected your wallet, you will see your balances have enough ETH to pay for blockchain transaction fees. You are now ready to use the website.

There are two main types of xSigma users: traders and liquidity providers (LPs for short).

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