Earning SIG

Initially, the only way to receive SIG token is by staking your LP share. The process is called liquidity mining. Read the guide for LPs to learn more.

At the time of release, xSigma has rewards for two pools: main stablecoin pool, called "pool 1", and SIG/ETH Uniswap pool, called "pool 2".

In the pool 1, you receive rewards for staking your SIG LP pool shares. This is a basic share you receive for providing liquidity on xSigma.

In the pool 2, you can stake yout SIG/ETH pool share. Please note that SIG/ETH pool is completely different from xSigma stablecoin pool. It is located on Uniswap and requires both SIG and ETH to provide liquidity.

However, pool 2 may have higher yield in case it has less liquidity staked than pool 1.

The longer you keep your shares staked, the more rewards you will receive.

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