Migration Guide

Unstake & Withdraw, Bridge, Stake again

On 30 Nov, we are launching xSigma BSC. It will feature gas refund, SIG token burn and boosted rewards program. Read more in the official announcement >>>

If you're a LP at xSigma ETH v1, you are not required to move your liquidity. Read more about xSigma ETH v2 and wait for the future announcement! >>> xSigma ETH v2 Overview <<<

Important Introduction

  1. SIG token stays on ETH! It will be bridged to BSC. You DON'T NEED to sell your SIG on Ethereum.

  2. The same SIG token is used for v1 and v2. You DON'T NEED to convert or transfer your SIG.

  3. It's not required to migrate your liquidity. Only Pool 1 will see reduced rewards. Pool 2 (SIG/ETH) and Pool 3 (SIG Staking) will continue to receive SIG.

  4. Your current accumulated rewards in any Ethereum pools are not in danger.

Benefits of staking on BSC

  1. xSigma BSC supports staking USDC, USDT and BUSD stablecoins.

  2. Initial release will receive boosted SIG rewards (TBA)

  3. xSigma has processed over 1B$ in stablecoins on Ethereum blockchain, proving to be a safe staking option without impermanent loss.

We are highly thankful to all the LPs who provide their liquidity to us! This helps us run our business of being a stablecoin exchange.

Your support is especially important with our BSC launch, where we plan to disrupt existing exchanges by bringing new features: SIG buyback & burn and gas cashback!

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