Deposit FAQ

A deposit can be made using MetaMask or any major wallets. See the section on wallets.

You can buy stablecoins from any exchanges you like, and then transfer those stablecoins to xSigma platform to provide liquidity.

How can someone provide liquidity? And what are the available pools to provide liquidity?

xSigma has one pool which is a DAI/USDC/USDT triplet pool. To provide liquidity there, refer to the LP Guides here:

You are also able to use your SIG/ETH liquidity on Uniswap to earn SIG rewards. Read here:

What I can Deposit

To provide liquidity to xSigma’s DEX platform, you need to have any or multiple of the stablecoins DAI, USDT, or USDC. There are no minimum or maximum requirements, you can provide any amount as liquidity as long as you consider the gas fees.

How to Buy Stablecoins

Buy stablecoins from your favorite exchanges. If you use MetaMask or another wallet, there can be an option to purchase using the wallet.

For example, you can buy USDC from Coinbase here:

You can also buy in one click from MetaMask or many other similar apps.

Why Deposit

If you deposit stablecoins to xSigma’s DEX platform, you will earn fees and SIG token rewards.

Can I deposit USD directly?

No, you need to buy DAI/USDC/USDT.

Can I deposit BTC?

  • Exchange on any exchange into DAI/USDC/USDT

  • Deposit into xSigma

Can I deposit ETH?

Easiest way is to buy stablecoin on DEX. For example, use Uniswap to buy DAI for ETH.

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