Burning SIG

Buyout of xSigma uses the exchange fees fund to burn SIG tokens forever. You will be able to benefit from this, too – anyone can submit his SIG tokens for burning and get compensated with stablecoins from the collected fees.

It works as an auction. There is a specific SIG price that gradually grows. You are able to sell some amount of SIG and collect stablecoins at the current price, if the fund is not empty.

The Burning is meant to work as a two-way engine. The purchase of a large amount of SIG raises the market price with stablecoins fee fund. Then, xSigma burns a part of the SIG token supply forever, reducing token supply. These two effects combined might work to potentially raise token value for holders. That said, we do not promise that SIG will ever have any value, as its intended purpose is to serve as a utility for voting on DAO decisions of xSigma.

We will publish a detailed guide with screenshots as soon as the platform is released.

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