How to become an LP to earn rewards

Earn SIG with your stablecoins

How to provide liquidity (become an LP)?

  • Suppose you have $11,000 worth of stablecoins to deposit. Enter the amount of DAI / USDC / USDT you want to deposit.

  • If you have all three stablecoins, you can tick the "Suggest optimal proportions" option to deposit all three and maximize your SIG rewards.

  • Let's deposit only DAI for now. As you can see at the bottom, you'll get 10 816.57 SIG-LP tokens. We'll use them to get SIG rewards in the future.

  • Now click on the "Deposit" button. You'll be prompted to sign two transactions: one for approval of DAI spending, one for the actual deposit of 11 000 DAI.

  • Now, wait for 3-5 seconds for the second transaction to appear.

  • Now wait till the transaction is mined — it usually takes about 15-20 seconds. Mining status is "Pending" and is displayed in the top right corner.

  • Congratulations! You received 10 816.57 SIG-LP tokens, which now can be used to receive SIG rewards. Follow the instruction to learn how to earn SIG rewards.

How to earn SIG rewards after becoming an LP?

There are two pools where you earn SIG rewards. In order to receive rewards, you need to stake (deposit) your tokens.

In the first pool, you're staking the SIG-LP tokens you got after providing liquidity (Please note that SIG and SIG-LP are different tokens!). In the second pool, you are staking SIG and ETH.

Pool 1

  • We'll start with the first pool. Open On the left, you'll see how many SIG tokens have you earned. Now it's zero, as we haven't staked anything.

  • Press the "Approve xSigma DEX DAI/USDC/USDT" button on the right to approve the deposit of SIG-LP. MetaMask will ask you to "Allow xSigma to spend your SIG-LP?", click on "Confirm". Note that this attracts a transaction fee of ~19$.

Wait 10-15 seconds until the approval transaction is mined. The status in the top right corner will change from "Pending" to "Approved”.

  • Enter the amount of SIG-LP you want to stake in the empty field on the right. The more SIG-LP you stake, the more SIG rewards you'll receive. In this example let's stake all available SIG-LP.

  • Now press "Stake", and confirm the staking transaction in Metamask.

  • Wait 10 seconds for the transaction to mine, and you'll see how many SIG-LP tokens you've staked (we staked 10 966.49 SIG-LP).

  • Let the page update itself. You are now receiving SIG rewards! You can now leave your SIG growing and track received SIG rewards on the left, or "Harvest" them to transfer to your wallet.

Pool 2

Here you'll have to stake both ETH and SIG (which you got in Pool 1).

  • Uniswap will open. Connect your Metamask wallet by pressing "Connect to a wallet" in the top right corner.

  • Select SIG by clicking on the "Select token" dropdown. Now click on "MAX" to enter the full amount of SIG tokens, and the corresponding amount of ETH will be entered automatically.

  • Approve SIG spending by pressing "Approve SIG" button.

  • Now press the "Supply" button to get Uniswap LP Tokens (UNI-V2). Afterward, confirm supply. When it is successfully completed, press "Add UNI-V2 to Metamask".

  • Return to xSigma website to get your SIG rewards. You'll have to stake your Uniswap LP tokens (UNI-V2). Again, you'll have to sign two transactions: one for spending approval, one for UNI-V2 staking. First, press on "Approve UNI-V2 spending" and confirm.

  • You see here that you have 14 UNI-V2 tokens - you’re able to stake them. Just press MAX and sign the transaction

  • Congratulations! You are now receiving SIG rewards! Pool 2 has higher rewards but consequently has higher risk – please educate yourself on impermanent loss.

For the first two months, there are additional bonus rewards in Pool 1 and Pool 2.

Pool 3

  • Select Pool 3 on the Rewards page

  • You may need to Approve spending your SIG. Wait until the transaction is mined.

  • Click on Max and then Stake to stake your SIG tokens

  • When staked, tokens will temporarily leave your wallet and will show up on this page as staked

  • Transfer the rewards to your wallet anytime by clicking on "Harvest"!

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