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Why it says "Transaction is pending" for a long time?

Please check you have chosen the correct gas speed. If the transaction doesn't confirm, you can speed it up or cancel. Please refer to your wallet tutorials for this. Metamask instruction is located here:

I allowed spending my stablecoins, but still see zero deposited

To receive your pool share (SIG-LP), you have to approve spending your stablecoins (DAI, USDC or USDT), and then deposit them. This means you will sign two or more transactions depending on which stablecoins you deposit.

For example, if you deposit your liquidity only in DAI, you will sign "Approve DAI" and "Deposit DAI" – two transactions in total.

I signed the transaction, but the rewards didn't start coming

To start farming SIG, you need to approve your SIG-LP tokens and then stake them.

Why the APY is so low?

The APY depends on the current amount of staked liquidity – the more users had staked, the less APY will each receive. It also depends on the current token price. Basically, we can't control APY, we can only decide whether to give out more SIG or less.

Why the SIG price is decreasing?

The price depends on the market - if more people sell SIG than buy, the price might decrease. There are some LPs who sell their SIG rewards right after receiving, and that might shake SIG price in the short-term.

How does the team plan to increase SIG price?

The plan is our roadmap:

How to get SIG rewards?

  1. Deposit stablecoins (DAI / USDC / USDT) to become an LP and get SIG-LP tokens. If you don't have stablecoins, you can buy them on Uniswap for ETH.

  2. Stake your SIG-LP tokens to get rewards in SIG. The more SIG-LP you staked, the higher the returns will be

What does "stake" mean?

"Staking" means depositing your SIG-LP tokens to get SIG rewards. You can get SIG-LP tokens by providing liquidity.

What does "harvest" mean?

"Harvesting" means transferring SIG rewards to your wallet.

How to provide liquidity (become an LP)?

Go to Liquidity page and enter the amount of DAI / USDC / USDT you want to deposit. You'll have to sign 2-4 transactions: first 1-3 approvals for spending each stablecoin, then one actual deposit transaction. Note: for 100,000$+ deposits we encourage you to deposit all three stablecoins, as you'll get higher rewards.

Will there be other stablecoins accepted as liquidity? What about other tokens pools?

We plan to deploy a second stablecoin pool soon. Here's our roadmap:

When will be the airdrop for missed SIG just after the launching?

Already done: If you didn't receive your SIG, contact @xsigma_support in Telegram.

Why was the transaction reverted?

Transaction could be reverted for several reasons:

  • Zero values in all form fields. Retry with non-zero values

  • Not enough money on your wallet. Top up your wallet and try again

  • Low slippage. Try again with higher slippage

  • Transaction wasn't mined as gas price changed. Try again with higher gas price

If nothing helps, contact @xsigma_support in Telegram.

I approved SIG-LP, but have 0 tokens to stake

Please check you have successfully deposited on Liquidity page. How to deposit?

I signed a transaction, but didn't receive SIG-LP tokens

You signed the approval transactions, but didn't sign the actual transaction. You'll have to sign 2-4 transactions: first 1-3 approvals for spending each stablecoin, then one actual transaction.

Why the token burning page is disabled?

We rolled it out as beta, and now disabled it to make sure it'll work perfectly in production.

My wallet can't be connected

Currently we are having issues with Coinbase wallet connected via WalletLink. Please connect "XSigma" dapp using Coinbase Android / iOS app. How to connect:

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