Transfering your assets

Bridge via Anyswap

To manage your funds on BSC, you need to transfer them there first.

If you're a LP at xSigma ETH v1, you are not required to move your liquidity. Read more about xSigma ETH v2 and wait for the future announcement!

Bridging assets is easy, but comes with caveats.

Bridging stablecoins

Binance Smart Chain has official bridge for assets: There are also alternative solutions.

You may find any bridge than allows ETH-BSC cross-chain transfer. Many CEX support output funds into BSC blockchain, including

As a more decentralized solution, there is also

PLEASE DON'T USE for bridging SIG token yet. We're still in progress of figuring out how to do interoperability for cross-chain SIG.

If you transferred already, no need to worry. Your SIG are safe

! Disclaimer ! Anyswap or Binance are not affiliated with xSigma. We only use this as an example. We recommend doing your own due diligence and selecting the most convenient and secure bridge option for you. Keep in mind that bridges don't offer the same level of security as blockchains do, so be aware of risks of using them.

We'll be using as an example:

  1. Select Ethereum Mainnet network in your Metamask

  2. Select the token you would like to transfer

  3. Select BSC Mainnet as an output

  4. Input the amount of token you're planning to bridge

  5. Submit form and sign two transactions: Approve & Transfer.

  6. Don't close this page! You will receive assets onto your wallet on another network

Also, keep in mind that xSigma BSC operated their pool with USDC, USDT and BUSD. This means you wouldn't need your DAI, and you either need to convert them to BUSD, or don't withdraw SIG-LP to DAI to begin with.

Bridging SIG token

At the moment, there's no bridge for SIG token. If you need to obtain SIG token on BSC, you can:

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