SIG Total Supply & Distribution

The SIG token is minted gradually, at a constant emission rate per block. It starts at a classic Bitcoin speed of 50 per block and then halves each 210,000 blocks. However, DAO will be able to speed up or slow down this rate. On the time of deploy, we chose to slow it down 4 times, meaning its normal rate is 12.5 tokens per block.

For the first four weeks, the SIG mint will be 2x the normal speed, and for the second four weeks, it will be 1.5x the normal speed. After that, it will continue according to the formula.

This way, for the first four weeks, total SIG mint will be 25 tokens per block.

Each mint is distributed among these three categories:

  • Staked LP tokens, including pool 1 and pool 2, receive 60% of the minted SIG

  • xSigma R&D Fund receives 30%

  • Growth Fund allocated for marketing purposes receives 10% of SIG

SIG token total supply is capped at 24,024,024 tokens. Even though DAO can change the minting speed, they can only speed it up or slow it down. They can't change the predefined mint formula. No more SIG tokens will be produced after the distribution is finished.

You can read more detailed information in the xSigma whitepaper in the SIG token section:

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