List of terms


Liquidity Provider


Decentralized Exchange


Crypto-wallet. It is an app that allows user to handle his cryptocurrencies using private keys. He can send transactions and interact with smart contracts.

Examples include Metamask, Trust Wallet etc.

SIG token (governance token)

This is a ERC20 token on Ethereum blockchain. It is a governance token for xSigma DEX.

SIG LP token (pool share)

SIG LP token represents pool share in a main stablecoin pool at xSigma DEX


xSigma is a stablecoin exchange. Each trade takes a small fee, which are then accumulated and distributed in a specific way.


Staking your LP tokens is required to generate rewards.

Liquidity Mining

Process of staking your LP tokens to earn SIG.


Liquidity pool, or pool, is a total of the funds held in an exchange smart-contract. Pool is used as a reserve that allows trades to process smoothly.


Automatic market maker. Specific smart contract that automatically handles liquidity to facilitate trades.


Algorithm first introduced by Curve, is an upgrade over xy=k Uniswap solution. Better suited for stablecoins. Read more:

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