xSigma BSC Overview

Swap your BUSD, USDC, USDT on BSC stablecoin DEX, no impermanent loss farming, save gas fees on swaps

xSigma DEX launches on Binance Smart Chain! Read more in the announcement >>>

xSigma is a stablecoin DEX. It supports exchange between BUSD, USDC and USDT coins.

xSigma on BSC uses the same algorithm as Ethereum version, including activated additional features:

  • Stablecoin fees used for SIG Buyback & Burn

  • Cashback for SIG holders

  • BUSD is supported instead of DAI

SIG Token Buyback & Burn – Auction

On each swap, xSigma holds 0.024% of outgoing stablecoin value as a fee for operating exchange. These fees accumulate on the smart-contract and are split: some are added into current LP token value, and some are used for SIG Buyback & Burn.

What happens is accumulated fees are sold on Dutch Auction-style for SIG. Anyone can take part in this auction, providing SIG into Auction smart-contract and receiving stablecoin fees in return.

Each period, there is set an above-market price inside the Auction, and after that, each block is it reduced. Anyone can sell their SIG and receive stablecoin at the current price value. Acquired SIG tokens are burnt inside the Auction contract.

Cashback for SIG holders

Binance Smart Chain fees are way smaller than Ethereum. Anyway, over time they may add up, and it's not very pleasant to be bleeding money for just trading your stablecoin back and forth.

That's why xSigma DEX has set up a special cashback allocation, funded from Growth Fund. It is used to send out cashback automatically on each exchange transaction for users holding more than 100 SIG in their address.

How to use it?

xSigma BSC will be released on 30th November. Stay in touch so you don't miss the start of the SIG Liquidity mining program!

If you're interested to read more, check out the next page to prepare yourself to the migration:

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