How to migrate?

How to migrate?

At high level, to migrate, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Unstake your SIG-LP from Pool 1 at Rewards page:

  2. Withdraw SIG-LP to stablecoins:

  3. Bridge your stablecoins to BSC blockchain

  4. Deposit stablecoins on BSC version of xSigma:

  5. Stake to receive Rewards:

Cost of migration

While gas on Ethereum is high, keep in mind that you only need to complete three transactions: unstake, withdraw, bridge.

To save gas, you might consider withdrawing only one stablecoin. If you do that, consider impermanent loss that comes from pool imbalance.

BSC transactions are regularly cheaper than Ethereum. Typical cost of transferring BEP20 token is 0.0002 BNB, which is about 0.10$.

Staking on BSC requires 4+ transactions: approve each of the stablecoins, deposit into stablecoin pool, approve SIG-LP for staking, stake SIG-LP.

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